SafeMark® Anti-Glare Coated Shields


SafeMark® Anti-Glare Coated Shields are:

  • Specialty treated with an anti-glare coating
  • Comes standard with a proprietary anti-fog coating
  • Stops 97% of the glare
  • Features the industry's clearest and highest quality optical grade film
  • Disposable
  • Made from latex free materials
  • Lightweight
  • Zero distortion
examples of anti glare shields

SafeMark® Anti-Glare disposable face shields have a hypoallergenic foam head seal that helps to absorb sweat and to keep viral or bacterial contaminants away from entering the mucus membranes.

SafeMark® Anti-Glare disposable face shields come with the Comfort Stretch headband for ease in donning.  The shields are also available with a Hook and Loop strap for a more custom fit. 

SafeMark® Anti-Glare disposable face shields conforms to OSHA’s regulation 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 for eye and face protection against bloodborne pathogens.

  • anti_glare_full_face_shieldFull Anti Glare Face Shield
  • mask_anti_glare_extended_shield_comboMask / Anti Glare Shield Combo
anti_glare_full_face_shield1 mask_anti_glare_extended_shield_combo2
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The entire line of SafeMark® disposable masks and shields are used in:

  • Hospitals
  • Dental offices
  • Medical labs
  • Death care
  • Industrial labs
  • Certain light industrial applications.

SafeMark® Anti-Glare disposable face shields are available in your choice of dispenser boxes or bulk pack.



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